How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

Everyday exposure to the sun, rain, and other elements slowly wear and tear the membrane of the roof. Your roof is the number one defense for your valued property against damage from harsh weather conditions. To keep it in good shape it requires regular check-ups and prompt repairs. Research has shown that roofs that are not regularly maintained only last half of their expected service life.

How often should you have it inspected?
Fall and spring

Experts recommend that your roof should be checked during fall and during spring to help spot any potential problems. The roof should be inspected before the season with most severe weather conditions and once after the season is over. This is why fall and spring are the best choices. During the winter the precipitation, storms and the cold could contribute to the demise of the roof. In summer also there is also high UV radiation and the high heat that could compromise the roof.

After a major storm
When there is a major storm that is accompanied by high winds, falling debris, and hail it does not matter how new your roof is. Hail can badly damage the roof leading it to need replacement. Even though the wind did not manage to blow off any shingles off the roof they could be broken and completely compromised.

If you choose to conduct the inspection by yourself, look out for any of the following;
• Shingles that are blistering, thus indicates that it has reached the end of its life expectancy and they need to be replaced.
• Wear or any loose materials round penetrations such as the chimney
• Shingle granules in excessive amounts in the gutters
• Soft spots on your roof that are an indication of damaged plywood that should be replaced

As easy as it may sound doing it by yourself it is not always the best option. You might end up overlooking some warning signs that could be disastrous in the future. It is advisable to seek the services of a professional since it is safer and they will spot signs that you could have overlooked.

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