Does a New Roof Increase Property Value?

Improving the appearance of your commercial building starts with the exterior. When you plan to sell a property and you have recently put in a new roof, it may add value to it. The new roof improves the quality of your property and the appearance so you have a greater value when you decide to sell any building.

Average Return on Investment

Putting in a new roof can offer a great return on your investment. While the materials used on the roof impact the return on your investment, the cost of the project and the actual value of your building after the change, most business owners will increase the value of their property when they sell their building.

The Warranties

A new roof increases the value of a building due to a higher warranty when compared to older materials. Since the materials have strengthened and changed over time, putting in a new roof may result in a long warranty on your roof. Some materials offer a warranty of up to 50 years, which gives you confidence that the roof will last and allows you to give the same confidence to a buyer when you choose to sell the house.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Even through the primary value of a new roof occurs when you sell the property, you may notice decreased energy costs after installing the roof. A new roof offers better energy efficiency, which adds to the value of your building by reducing the heating and cooling costs at different times of the year. It keeps in the heat or the cooler temperatures so you spend less on maintaining a comfortable temperature in your building.

As a general rule, installing a new roof will increase the value of your property - guaranteed. The exact impact on your commercial building may vary based on several factors, but you will usually see a positive change when you put in a new roof.

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