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M.W. Morss Roofing, Inc. has been installing the Duro-Last Roofing System for 40 years!

We are Southeast Michigan’s smart choice for protecting your biggest investment.

As a commercial roofing contractor, it is important to provide our customers with the highest quality roofing solutions in the market. That’s why we install Duro-Last roofing systems. From school districts to business owners, our customers depend on our superior workmanship and quality service for all their roofing needs.

M.W. Morss Roofing, Inc. has installed nearly 40 million square feet of Duro-Last ... that's thousands of systems installed! Most members of our crew are long-time employees that have mastered the installation process. Our team’s expertise ensures your roofing system will be installed with the highest quality standards in the industry. Our crew have earned Duro-Last’s highest quality assurance award since its inception over 30 years ago (currently a Platinum Contractor).

We're Michigan's #1 Duro-Last Contractor

Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. Has Been a Michigan Manufacturer for Over 40 Years

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Duro-Last is a custom, pre-fabricated, and single-ply mechanically attached roofing system. Every Duro-Last project is pre-engineered and designed to address the specific needs of each roofing application.

Duro-Last is chemical and fire resistant, as well as resistant to high winds. The membrane comes in 40 mil, 50 mil, and 60 mil with choice of color (white, tan, or gray). Additionally, it is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly roofing products available.

As we all know, manufacturing is a vital part of Michigan’s economy. Duro-Last® Roofing, Inc. has been a Michigan manufacturer for over 40 years. By installing the Duro-Last roofing system, you are not only receiving a high-quality product, you are also helping to put Michigan back on top.

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A Customer-Focused Approach

We understand the importance for businesses to remain operational with minimal disruptions during the metal roof installation process, and our experience and customer rapport ensures our ability to do that. We consider each customer’s particular needs, whether it be a time sensitive project or a facility that is housing delicate products, such as computers or perishable food. A large portion of our clientele are repeat customers including building owners, architects, and general contractors with whom we have built lasting relationships with and who trust us with all of their roofing needs. 

Duro Last Roofing Contractor: Romulus MI | MW Morss Roofing - 1Prefabrication

Prefabrication provides quality-assured products, decreasing the chance for installation errors in the field. This also keeps our labor costs low, which enables us to provide you with competitive prices.

Duro Last Roofing Contractor: Romulus MI | MW Morss Roofing - 2Installation

Duro-Last can be installed over most new or existing substrates, eliminating the need for costly tear-offs. Hot air welding bonds all field seams and no chemicals, torches or other unsafe seaming methods are used. The Duro-Last Roofing System can be installed year-round.

Duro Last Roofing Contractor: Romulus MI | MW Morss Roofing - 3Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Every Duro-Last Roofing System comes with either a 15-year full labor and material warranty or a 20-year labor and material prorated warranty. Both warranties are transferable and provide maximum protection. Warranties include coverage for consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material and/or installation.

Duro Last Roofing Contractor: Romulus MI | MW Morss Roofing - arrow1Click here for more information about Duro-Last roofing system warranties.

For more information about our Duro-Last commercial roofing installation services, or to schedule a free estimate for your commercial roofing project, contact the experts at M.W. Morss Roofing, Inc. today to speak to flat roofing specialist.

Why is a Duro-Last Roof a Better Roofing Choice for Your New Construction? 

duro-last logoDuro-Last roofing has held the title of World’s Best Roof and backed it up with outstanding performance since 1978. When deciding what kind of roof should go on your new construction project, wouldn’t you want the world’s best roof sheltering you? 

Duro-Last roofing is unique because it can be custom-fabricated to fit your new construction, so instead of having complicated roofing installation problems, it’s one simple to install system. Because the roofing system is custom engineered, there are fewer seams, meaning fewer opportunities for potential leaks down the road. 

Even better, Duro-Last is engineered to be energy efficient to deliver the most savings on your utility bills. It’s durability also allows it to stand up to harsh Michigan weather, including the worst of winter storms. 

For more information about how M.W. Morss Roofing. Inc. can help with your new construction roofing, contact us today!