Why Is It Important to Remove Debris From Your Commercial Roof?

Your building is probably the biggest asset you own, and if you’re like most people, the roof on that building is the most expensive aspect of your property to repair or replace. Yet, few people really think about how to care for their roof. 

As the trees around your property start losing their leaves, many of them end up on the roof depending on the height of your building. These leaves mix with dirt, sticks, and other debris. Together, these materials will eventually combine with rainwater, creating a sludge that decomposes and releases acids that can eat through your roof. These small holes will eventually turn into larger holes, causing leaks in your building.

Because of this, clearing the leaves off of your roof can go a long way towards avoiding bigger problems down the road. While a quick blow-away can go a long way towards preventing problems, many business owners choose to have their roofs professionally cleaned in the fall. This removes debris and prevents problems as it approaches winter.

During the winter, a roof that is covered in leaves will collect melting snow and refreeze the water into ice. Several bad storms can cause the ice to collect into heavy blocks, creating a safety hazard as well as a significant maintenance issue.

Roofing tear-offs and replacements, while typically more costly, are often the better choice. In the process of removing old roofing, all problems, such as mold and mildew or worn out waterproofing can be removed and replaced and brand new sealing material laid. This creates a more solid foundation that can increase the longevity of your new roofing, as well as better protect your property - a great cleansing and replacement option. 

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